PGWodehouse Italian translations 1928-2017

Published: 2 February 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/mp2mtfh9hb.1
Gabriella Valentino


Starting from the complete list P.G.Wodehouse’s works supplied by the P.G. Wodehouse Society (* on dataset; see Related links on this page), a survey was conducted in order to list all works translated into Italian, to match each original work with its Italian title/s, to find out how many Italian editions of each title have been issued to date (2017) and if new translations had been released over time. The dataset contains information on all editions published in Italy from 1928 to 2017. For each edition, data include: original title, year of publication, name of the translator, and publishing company. The spreadsheet is meant to be updated any time new information is found.


Steps to reproduce

The dataset can be reproduced, provided credit is given (see: How to cite this dataset on top-right of this page). Should anybody wish to add information, they must send complete source details (Italian title, original title, publisher, translator, publication year) and a photo of the book to: Media files, or links to them, are welcome.


Swansea University