GIS data for: Where are commodity crops certified, and what does it mean for conservation and poverty alleviation?

Published: 29 October 2017| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/mpdf6ytswm.2
Catherine Tayleur, Juliet Vickery, Stuart Butchart, Christine Corlet Walker, Graeme Buchanan, Fiona Sanderson, JEFFREY MILDER, David Thomas, Lukasz Tracewski, Rhys Green, Andrew Balmford, Heather Ducharme


Shapefile for use in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), showing the number of certificates for seven crops (banana, coffee, cocoa, tea, oil palm, soybean, sugarcane) in 30 km x 30 km cells, from major voluntary sustainability standards. The most prevalent crop in each cell (that with the most certificates) is also identified. A detailed description of how this dataset was developed, and the sustainability standards included, is given in the linked paper by Tayleur et al. in Biological Conservation.



Agricultural Science, Sustainability, Agroecosystem Sustainability, Conservation Biology, Data Collection in Agriculture