Spectrophotometric data of the Re(VII) adsorption process on activated carbon

Published: 3 August 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/mpj5mkzj8m.1
Karolina Kolczyk Siedlecka,


The data show the UV-Vis spectra obtained during the adsorption of Re (VII) ions on activated carbon. 200 mlof the solution was used in each ester, 3 ml of the solution was taken for analysis after a specified time, and then it was returned to the system. The data were used to determine the kinetic curves of adsorption depending on the amount of adsorbent, temperature, mixing speed of the solution, initial concentration of Re (VII) ions and pH.


Steps to reproduce

Re(VII) ion concentration analysis was carried out by UV–Vis spectrophotometry using Jasco UV–Vis spectrophotometer model V-770 (Japan) and Hellma GmbH (Germany) analytics quartz cuvettes (1 cm optical path). During adsorption tests after the specified time, a sample of 3 ml solution was collected and analysed. Then, the solution was returned to the reactor to maintain a constant volume. Data were acquired using the Spectra Manager software included with the Jasco V-770 spectrophotometer. Then the data was exported from jws files to txt using the Spectra Analysis option.


Akademia Gorniczo-Hutnicza imienia Stanislawa Staszica w Krakowie


Adsorption, Spectrophotometry