Development of Electronic Teaching and Methodical Complex for Professional English Language Training of Russian Cosmonauts

Published: 24 March 2021| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/msrh3nyjcx.2
Natalia Наталья, Natalya, Natalia F. Mikheeva, Михеева, Mijeeva, Micheeva, Mijeyeva, Mijéeva N.F., Natalia A. Dvoryadkina


The worldwide development of space industry and a tendency of different countries to implement space projects jointly had led to the global space exploration resulted in multicultural mix of crew and ground specialists. International partnership on the design, operation and utilization of the International Space Station made it necessary to acquire the knowledge of the English language for most of the space industry specialists as approved by the international agreement. The English language proficiency directly affects the ability of cosmonauts, astronauts and other specialists from different cultural and linguistic communities to gain understanding in order to meet the mission goals and ensure required space flight safety. The article investigates specifics of formation of the professional English language communicative competence of Russian cosmonauts when preparing international crews for a joint space flight on board the station. The objective of this article is to identify ways for optimizing the methodological approach to organization of cosmonauts’ teaching process and the content of utilized materials. The objective is achieved through the development of a new teaching model, integration of information from various space mission-specific technical subjects and use of profession-oriented project-based learning. The teaching model is practically implemented by the electronic teaching and methodical complex developed on the basis of Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment educational platform using advanced information technologies. The newly developed complex is characterized by a high degree of functionality, professionally oriented content of the training texts, exercises, videos, glossary as well as targeted communicatively oriented project activities.


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intercultural communication space industry multicultural international crew English language communicative competence profession-oriented project-based learning


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