Customers' Problems with Electricity Distribution in Delta State Nigeria

Published: 18 September 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/msrhyv489k.1
Jonathan Tsetimi


This data set captures the problems faced by electricity customers in Delta, State Nigeria. The data was collected by means of a well structured questionnaire that was implemented by well trained interviewers in a field survey. Nigeria is currently bedeviled by a plethora of problems especially in the distribution aspect of the power sector. The data set captures data in both urban and rural areas of Delta State cutting across the three Senatorial Districts. Local Government Headquarters were designated as urban areas whiles villages were taken as rural areas. The data contains information on customers biodata and their experiences with the services of their electricity distribution company. The data set also contains information about the observed problems with the services of the distribution company, Respondents in the survey were asked to score positive statements bordering on their experience with the distribution company on a five-point scale indicating their experience with the distribution company. Respondents were also required to score observed problems with the services of the distribution company on a scare of 0 to 10 inclusive depending on the severity of the problem. A score of zero meaning that the problems in limited while a score of 10 means that the problem is severe, The data set are presented in two different formats i.e. Microsoft Excel and IBM SPSS database format.



Delta State University


Mathematics, Computational Mathematics, Descriptive Statistics