Flexion synergy-muscle spasticity correlation in chronic stroke

Published: 12 February 2021| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/msxrz7fgmd.2
Nirvik Sinha,
Julius PA Dewald,
Yuan Yang


This is the data set for the paper titled "Perturbation induced electromyographic activity during the expression of the flexion synergy is a sensitive measure of post-stroke motor impairment" submitted to the European Journal of Neurology.


Steps to reproduce

Running the last section of the synergy_analysis.m file generates the figure in the paper. Due to space constraints raw data could not be uploaded. Please contact the author if access to raw data is needed.


Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine Department of Physical Therapy and Human Movement Sciences


Electromyography, Stroke Therapy, Neurophysiology of Stroke