A Low Cost LoRa Based River Water Level Data Acquisition System

Published: 23 March 2022| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/mszg723r9b.2
Jason Kabi, Ciira Maina, Stephen Wamae


Description The data folders available (Hardware & Software) hold hardware and software files for the paper titled “A Low Cost LoRa Based River Water Level Data Acquisition System”. The paper describes the development of two stage monitoring prototypes that can be used to monitor water level patterns along rivers, remotely. The systems can be used as substitutes for traditional, bulky and expensive systems that have been developed by engineers over the years. The HARDWARE folder holds the schematic and PCB files for the two systems – Arduino Nano based system and the Multitech mDot based system – the hardware was designed using Kicad version 4.0.7 The SOFTWARE folder contains the firmware used to run the devices. Other links related to the study are provided on the links section. .



Hardware Co-Design, Hardware Implemented Algorithm, Hardware Performance, Hardware Performance Analysis