Gainful self-employment among tertiary education graduates in Uganda

Published: 8 October 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/mtd8btdjr4.1
Julius Babyetsiza


Gaining insight in the challenges for gainful (self)-employment among tertiary education graduates in Uganda and how institutions can develop teaching and guidance programmes that enhance the graduates’ transition to the labour market. Objectives of the study 1. To understand the labour market perceptions, experiences and expectations of students, lecturers and graduates as well as the challenges they face in their transition to gainful self-employment. 2. To develop new ways of preparing students that readies them to face the realities of the labour market that is not growing at pace of tertiary education graduates’ output. 3. To establish ingredients for educational institutions to develop a model of enhancing the transition to gainful self-employment.


Steps to reproduce

Data was collected mainly through audio recording from the five FGD camps and one interview, namely: FGD with student social entrepreneurs in Kyabuharambo and some residents of the area; FGD with students, including University Guild council members; FGD with lecturers, including those from PUM team; FGD with faculty deans; FGD with AWU management; and interview of the District Commercial Officer. Data was analyzed using descriptive techniques. Collected audio data was transcribed into text, and then organized according to themes using GoogleSheet, Ms Excel and Ms Word.


Business, Economics, Entrepreneurship