Data for: Enhancement of host infectivity, immunity, and protective efficacy by addition of sodium bicarbonate antacid to oral vaccine formulation of live attenuated Salmonella secreting Brucella antigens

Published: 5 November 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/mtf5xm4n5p.1
John Hwa Lee


The present study investigates the importance administration of sodium bicarbonate for the gastric survival and immune enhancement of oral Brucella vaccine prepared from attenuated Salmonella secreting Brucella antigens SodC and Omp19 in BALB/c mice. Mice were immunized with PBS, Salmonella alone or with antacid treatment. The antacid treatment was given 30 minutes before and immediately after immunization with the attenuated Salmonella. Employing green fluorescent protein-expressing attenuated Salmonella strain and immunohistochemical assay showed a significant intensity of GFP expression and Salmonella invasion in ileum regions of the intestinal epithelium. The humoral and cell-mediated immune responses were evaluated on each mice group and our results showed significant induction of IgG antibody response, splenocyte proliferative response and CD4+ T cell subpopulation in antacid treated mice group. Upon virulent Brucella challenge, a significant reduction of Brucella colonization and inflammation in spleen and liver tissues were observed in antacid treated mice group than Salmonella alone or PBS control group.



Vaccine, Vaccine Attenuated, Salmonella, Histochemistry