Dataset and algorithms for identifying stagnation zones and reverse flow caused by river-aquifer interaction

Published: 22 July 2021| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/mvtd4fjjvj.2


This dataset is part of the Supplementary Material of the research: Identifying stagnation zones and reverse flow caused by river-aquifer interaction: An approach based on polynomial chaos expansions. The code infrastructure, the programming scripts, the simulation results, and the dataset files are stored in this online repository. The results of the research and the simulation can be reproduced by following the instructions in the "" file.


Steps to reproduce

For reproducing the results of the research, run the files in the following order: 1. 2_Files_gPC_method/ 2. 2_Files_gPC_method/ All the results are automatically stored in 2_Files_gPC_method/res and 2_Files_gPC_method/fig. MODFLOW-2005 must be previously installed in order to run these experiments. We recommend to save the executable file of MODFLOW in the following path: C:\Modflow\MF2005.1_12\bin\mf2005dbl.exe. Otherwise, the MODFLOW batch file MODFLOW_mod.bat must be modify with the proper path where the executable file was located. We recommend to use Spyder as integrated development environment (IDE) to visualize the results.


Technische Universitat Munchen


Hydrology, Hydrogeology, Uncertainty Analysis