simulated data for clustering experiments

Published: 16 Apr 2018 | Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/mvwdtmzhcw.1

Description of this data

182 simulated datasets (first set contains small datasets and second set contains large datasets) with different cluster compositions – i.e., different number clusters and separation values – generated using clusterGeneration package in R. Each set of simulation datasets consists of 91 datasets in comma separated values (csv) format (total of 182 csv files) with 3-15 clusters and 0.1 to 0.7 separation values. Separation values can range between (−0.999, 0.999), where a higher separation value indicates cluster structure with more separable clusters.

Size of the dataset, number of clusters, and separation value of the clusters in the dataset is printed in file name. size_X_n_Y_sepval_Z.csv:
Size of the dataset = X
number of clusters in the dataset = Y
separation value of the clusters in the dataset = Z

Experiment data files

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Latest version

  • Version 1


    Published: 2018-04-16

    DOI: 10.17632/mvwdtmzhcw.1

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    Estiri, Hossein (2018), “simulated data for clustering experiments”, Mendeley Data, v1


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Unsupervised Learning, Cluster Analysis, Partitioning, Cluster Testing


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