Physical assessment skills by critical-care nurses

Published: 22 January 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/mvz2jjz5s3.1
Rosli Syeril Nadia


1. Research hypothesis:- i) There is no correlation between nurses' characteristics and the application of physical assessment skills 2. This dataset consists of:- i) Characteristics data of nurses, ii) Frequency of applied physical assessment skills, iii) Physical assessment time occurrence 3. This data was interpreted as follow:- i) The characteristics of nurses was descriptively analyzed ii) The frequency of applied physical assessment skills was summed to obtain the percentage. Answers of 5 and 4 were kept at their respective scores, answers of 3 and 2 were re-categorized into the same score, answers of 1 and 0 were re-categorized into the same score. iii) The frequency of physical assessment time occurrence were summed to obtain the percentage.


Steps to reproduce

1) The data was gathered by a self-administered questionnaires distributed among critical-care nurses in the study settings. 2) Once data collected, it was analyzed by using SPSS. The simultaneous information of physical assessment used and perceived barriers gathered in this study was successful. 3) The study can be reproduced by conducting a broader scope of clinical settings and bigger sample size across the country.


Universiti Putra Malaysia


Assessment, Clinical Skill, Surveillance, Physical Examination