Self-treatment of major and minor illnesses to ensure physical and mental comfort

Published: 3 October 2022| Version 5 | DOI: 10.17632/mwbd8d7j37.5
Xiuli Yang


[Abstract] The author has been in a suboptimal state of health for an extensive period of time and had experienced difficulties in work and life. The goal was to identify a simple method for implementing self-treatment. The author used a method referred to as ‘inward vision’ to observe, perceive, feel, and record her own physical condition. A set of simple and convenient self-diagnostic methods to determine the location and characteristic of a disease was summarised through consideration of these ‘records of perceived observation’. A series of oral capsules constituting traditional Chinese remedies was developed based on these records and findings from the extant literature. The set of Chinese remedies is extraordinary and unusual, comprising dozens of species of traditional Chinese herbal remedies. There are a considerable number of different combinations of these herbs used for the treatment of numerous diseases and symptoms. It is safe and easy to consume. Over the years, the author has self-treated various symptoms and improved her health. If a large proportion of people are able to self-treat their illnesses, the world would be improved. It would be a step forward in the ability of humans to fight diseases. The diagnostic and therapeutic method described herein is simple, convenient, efficient, and cost-effective. This could be efficacious in solving socio-economic problems such as lack of access to effective medical treatment. It can be used to conduct research on several aspects, including food, plants, animals, and medical equipment. Furthermore, ‘inward vision’ as a method of thinking may be helpful to researchers in other disciplines. The author Xiuli Yang is the founder of Yang’s six-position treatment method and the developer of the Zhenshanliyang series Chinese remedies. This article is a supplement to another article. The Chinese version of this article was published in the magazine titled, The China Health Care and Nutrition in January 2013 (pp. 457-458). This magazine is published between the 21st and 30th of each month. The four pictures here are only related to the Chinese version. The Chinese version of this article, links are below.



Health Sciences