Numerical simulation data on landslide generated impulse waves affected by reservoir geometry

Published: 6 September 2019| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/mww43h5vs8.2
, Deying Li, Lixia Chen, Kunlong Yin, Lili Xiao, Xiaolin Fu, Thomas Glade, CHIN Leo


The data article provided time series of water surface elevation and wave parameters of landslide generated impulse waves affected by reservoir geometry. Two types of generalized reservoir geometries were investigated by the numerical method of Tsunami Squares–converging reservoir geometries and diverging reservoir geometries. 14 numerical reservoir models with expansion angle of 0°, 5°, 10°, 15°, 20°, 25° and 30° were performed. Time series of water surface elevation at the propagation distance of 2km for the converging and diverging reservoir models were obtained from 70 numerical wave gauges, which allows to analyse the effect of reservoir geometries on wave characteristics generated by landslide. The wave profiles of section C at different propagation distance were also investigated in order to improve the understanding of wave characteristics at different positions. Furthermore, wave parameters (wave height, wave amplitude and wave trough) of different propagation distance for all reservoir geometries were present in the article.



China University of Geosciences


Wave, Landslide