Raw data for the database on the nonlinear optical properties of graphene based materials

Published: 10-12-2019| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/mx4587rtsr.2
Dr. Arpana Agrawal,
Gyu-Chul Yi


This data (.cvs file) shows a comprehensive comparison of the NLO parameters (NLA/NLR/Is/Fth) investigated under various laser parameters (wavelength/ laser power/energy/intensity) derived from Z-scan experimental studies for metal decorated G/GDs, 2D-TMDs, post-TMTs-G/GDs, semiconductor-graphene based materials, G/GDs dispersed in various solutions and single/few/multilayer graphene based materials and many others. The data (.txt file) also contains a compilation of research articles (total 71) and represents the year-wise bifurcated research publications in the field of nonlinear optical properties of graphene and its derivations, determined experimentally from the Z-scan technique.