Aeolian saltation fieldwork: Scripts and data for high-frequency saltation flux methodology

Published: 16 December 2017| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/mzm7r4hw7s.1
Raleigh Martin,
Jasper Kok,
Chris H. Hugenholtz,
Thomas E. Barchyn,
Marcelo Chamecki,
Jean T. Ellis


This dataset includes sample data, metadata, scripts, and function files related to analyses in the paper "High-frequency measurements of aeolian saltation flux: Field-based methodology and applications" by Martin, Kok, Hugenholtz, Barchyn, Chamecki, and Ellis, accepted for publication in Aeolian Research ----------------------------- DATA SurfaceGrainSize_Jericoacoara.txt - Surface grain size distribution at Jericoacoara (Fig. 1 in paper) SurfaceGrainSize_RanchoGuadalupe.txt - Surface grain size distribution at Rancho Guadalupe (Fig. 1 in paper) SurfaceGrainSize_Oceano.txt - Surface grain size distribution at Oceano (Fig. 1 in paper) BSNE_Flux_Sample.txt - Sample BSNE low-frequency fluxes to demonstrate calibration process (Fig. 5 in paper) Wenglor_FluxCalibration_Sample.txt - Sample Wenglor (high-frequency) sensor counts profile to demonstrate calibration process (Fig. 5 in paper) Wenglor_FluxCalculation_Sample.txt - Sample Wenglor (high-frequency) sensor counts profile to demonstrate total flux calculation (Fig. 8 in paper) TotalFlux_TimeSeries_Sample.txt - Sample time series (1 Hz) of calculated total saltation flux by summation and fitting methods, with horizontal wind speeds for comparison (Fig. 12 in paper) ----------------------------- METADATA Metadata_SurfaceGrainSize_.txt - Variable name descriptions for "SurfaceGrainSize_...' files Metadata_BSNE_Flux_Sample.txt - Variable name descriptions for "BSNE_Flux_Sample.txt" Metadata_Wenglor_FluxCalibration_Sample.txt - Variable name descriptions for "Wenglor_FluxCalibration_Sample.txt" Metadata_Wenglor_FluxCalculation_Sample.txt - Variable name descriptions for "Wenglor_FluxCalculation_Sample.txt" Metadata_TotalFlux_TimeSeries_Sample.txt - Variable name descriptions for "TotalFlux_TimeSeries_Sample.txt" ----------------------------- SCRIPTS (for demonstration analyses) Flux_Calibration_Demo.m - Demonstration of flux calibration process (Fig. 5 in paper) Flux_Calculation_Demo.m - Demonstration of total flux calculation process (Fig. 8 in paper) ----------------------------- FUNCTIONS (used by scripts) qz_profilefit_exponential.m - Exponential fitting to saltation flux vertical profile qz_prediction_exponential.m - Predicting saltation fluxes from exponential profile fit linearfit.m - Linear fitting routine TotalFlux_Summation.m - Computation of total flux by summation from saltation flux profile


Steps to reproduce

Download all files. Use MATLAB to run the scripts "Flux_Calibration_Demo.m" and "Flux_Calculation_Demo.m" to reproduce the respective saltation flux calibration and calculation processes. All dependency data files and functions are contained in this dataset. (NOTE: These scripts were tested using MATLAB R2017b.)


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