SPiCiCAP framework

Published: 13-07-2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/n2k7zz2xyt.1
Nawal Kinany,
Elvira Pirondini,
Silvestro Micera,
Dimitri Van De Ville


This dataset was acquired to investigate spatio-temporal properties of spinal resting-state fluctuations using a dynamic connectivity approach, the SPiCiCAP framework. Details can be found in the related publication: Kinany, N., Pirondini, E., Van De Ville, D., and Micera, S. (2020). Dynamic functional connectivity of resting-state spinal cord fMRI reveals fine-grained intrinsic architecture. Neuron. === Data === We provide a spinal cord fMRI dataset containing 22 healthy subjects, with a resting-state scan (15 minutes) for each participant. Raw, processed and analyzed data are included. === Code === The SPiCiCAP framework comprises the following steps: 1- Processing pipeline for spinal cord fMRI 2- Extracting iCAPs (i.e., networks based on dynamic functional connectivity) 3- Analyze iCAPs spatio-temporal properties