Published: 23 December 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/n2xx5vgzsp.1
Kevin Lanza


These data were used for a scientific manuscript, titled "Who travels where: Behavior of pedestrians and micromobility users on transportation infrastructure," in which authors determined where different types of travelers (i.e., walkers, dog walkers, runners, cyclists, e-scooter riders, and other micromobility users) chose to travel when multiple types of transportation infrastructure were present in parallel: two-way cycle track, sidewalk, and street. All data were collected in April and May 2021 in the City of Austin, Texas, USA, at two sites—herein named East Austin and University. The Excel workbook titled "Data_Mobility_Behavior_Austin_Texas_2021" consists of two sheets: the first sheet is the data dictionary and the second sheet is the data.



Transport, Physical Activity, Policy, Human Behavior, Infrastructure, Ground Transportation