Published: 24-07-2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/n3g2htz9hk.1
sandip dhomse


These are volcanic aerosol forcing datasets in term of stratospheric aerosol optical depth, height resolved extinction, effective radii for Mt. Pinatubo, El Chichon and Agung eruptions simulated using UMUKCA model. Each eruption has low,mid and high SO2 emissions and data is created by averaging 3 member ensembles. File names are self explanatory (Please note that reference should be Dhomse et al., 2020, ACP) for e.g. are the ensemble mean zonal mean monthly mean extinction from a simulation with 14th SO2 injection for surface to 50 km. same as above but sulfate area density are same as above but temperature interpolated at 36 pressure levels as in ERA-interim same as above but stratospheric aerosol optical depth (sAOD). Basically these are extinctions integrated for all the levels above model tropopause. For details see