Data on practicality of media with the Guttman scale

Published: 4 July 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/n4zfkfhh6h.1
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Student activity observation sheet on chemical tetrahedral-based AR media on thermochemical material aims to determine the practicality of the media. Questionnaire results of student responses were analyzed descriptively quantitatively to provide an overview of the actual reality of the research results. Data analysis using the Guttman scale. The assessment data were analyzed using the formula: Percentage of positive answers(%)= (Number of YES scores)/(Number of respondents) x 100% Percentage of negative answers(%)= (Number of scores NO)/(Number of respondents) x 100% After the percentage is obtained, grouping is carried out according to the following criteria. Interpretation of the feasibility of each practicality criterion 01.00 - 50.00 = Impractical, or should not be used 50.01 - 70.00 = Less practical, or it is recommended not to use it because it needs major revision 70.01 - 85.00 = Quite practical, or can be used with minor revisions 85.01 – 100 = Very practical, or can be used without revision



Universitas Sebelas Maret


Chemistry, Education