Genes co-expressed with CD163 in GBM

Published: 7 April 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/n6c3wrtsxz.1
Xinyu Yang


This dataset contained two files. Table S1 recorded the specific information of the genes co-expressed with CD163 in TCGA glioblastoma samples. The correlated information included gene symbol, Uniprot code, the coded protein name, the gene length, correlation coefficient, and corresponding colors in KEGG Mapper. Figure S1 recorded the enrichment results of co-expressed genes in KEGG cancer pathways. Violet represents key genes, red represents the hub genes and orange represents the other genes co-expressed with CD163.


Steps to reproduce

We collected these genes co-expressed with CD163 in glioblastoma tissues from oncomine database, and their correlation coefficients are greater than or equal to 0.3. Then we converted the gene symbol to Uniprot code for further enrichment analysis. The protein-protein interaction was performed to observe the classification of gene functional groups, and the hub genes were screened out via MCODE score. Then we picked out the key genes from them via analyzing the influence of gene expression on the overall survival of glioblastoma patients. The three kinds of genes mentioned above were labeled with different colors and substituted into the KEGG cancer pathways for enrichment analysis.


China Medical University