Data for Certified Foods Dyes in Over the Counter Medicines and Supplements for Children and Pregnant Women

Published: 16-11-2020| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/n6m7rhct2h.3
Arlie Lehmkuhler


This dataset is raw data and summary of quantified FD&C dye levels in children’s gummy vitamins, children’s tablet vitamins, prenatal vitamins, children’s cough/cold/allergy tablets & syrups, and children’s pain reliever tablets & syrups determined by high performance liquid chromatography with a photometric diode array (HPLC-DAD). The data can further be interpreted against the dosage given by each brand in each category to evaluate the consumption of the FD&C dyes and ADIs suggested for each FD&C dye by the US FDA. Syrups have the highest levels for the dosage described on the label and can be a significant contributor to FD&C dye intake for children, while all tablets and gummy vitamins showed low enough levels to be an insignificant amount of dye contributed to the ADI for most children.