Open source database for validating and falsifying discrete mechanics models using synthetic granular materials Part I: Experimental tests with particles manufactured by a 3D printer

Published: 15-10-2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/n6t49stxrh.1
Ritesh Gupta,
Edward Ando,
Simon Salager,
Kun Wang,
WaiChing Sun


This dataset is made available to third-parties as a part of the effort to make verification and validation procedures transparent and reproducible for granular material research. This dataset includes the the microCT images of Hostun sand and the synthetic particle manufactured by 3D printer, the results of the oedometric test conducted on assembles of synthetic particles, the labelled volume and the discrete digital correlation data that provides the trajectories of individual particles in the assembles. Please refer to the 'description manual' document for content and information on shared database utilization.