Raw Dataset for offshore Hindcast Waves data for 17 Ports along the Mediterranean Sea

Published: 3 January 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/n6y7tfpdys.1
Mohamed Abouelnasr


This dataset covers the met ocean offshore hindcast wave data of 30 years period from 01/01/1993 until 31/12/2020, the dataset covers offshore points in front of Port of Algeciras in Spain, Port of Alger in Algeria, Port of Barcelona in Spain, Port of Damietta in Egypt, Port of Genoa in Italy, Port of Limassol in Cyprus, Port of Benghazi in Libya, Port of Beirut in Lebanon, Port of Piraeus in Greece, Port of Tanger-Med in Morocco, Port of Alexandria in Egypt, Port of Port said in Egypt, Port of Antalya in Turkey, Port of Mersin in Turkey, Port of MarsaxlokK in MALTA, Port of Marseille in France and Port of Valencia in Spain.


Steps to reproduce

The dataset is extracted from the Copernicus CMEMS database, and primary CMEMS data can be downloaded from https://doi.org/10.48670/MOI-00022


Civil Engineering, Ocean Engineering, Offshore Engineering, Coastal Engineering