DICOM Traffic Record from Different Medical Imaging Devices

Published: 13 September 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/n8mssthhnm.1
Jacek Kawa


The provided CSV file contains a record of a DICOM data stream than can be used to test the PACS/VNA archive. The model was generated based on the actual data stream registered by a PACS accepting data from multiple imaging devices over seven days. Each record matches a single DICOM series with the number of instances and the size of the series provided. Timeline (in the form of hour:minute:second) indicates a moment of the retrieval of the first data for specific series (i.e. , the transmission of the first series started on the first day, 5:46.13 a.m., while the last series was transmitted at 11:59.57 p.m. on the seventh day). The model can be used to generate traffic with a pattern matching real DICOM traffic from multiple sources. Please note: no images are included. In order to simulate the traffic, some DICOM instances must be generated matching the provided Modality and Size.


Steps to reproduce

The data was recorded by analyzing actual DICOM traffic on the ingress of the PACS system. Each recorded DICOM series (distinct SeriesInstanceUID) was analyzed, and its modality, as well as the number of instances and size in bytes, were recorded.


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Computer Network, Medical Imaging