Real-fluid thermophysicalModels: An OpenFOAM-based library for reacting flow simulations at high pressure

Published: 10 January 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/n8zb2wpjp6.1


Although OpenFOAM is a widely-used open source computational fluid dynamics (CFD) tool, it is limited to numerical simulations of multi-dimensional reacting/nonreacting flows at relatively-low pressures. This is not only because real-fluid models that can evaluate thermophysical properties at high pressures are not available in the thermophysicalModels library of OpenFOAM, but also because the existing mixing model cannot handle various mixing rules of real-fluid models. In the present study, we develop a novel algorithm applicable for a mixture model incorporating various mixing rules in OpenFOAM. Based on the new algorithm, we update the thermophysicalModels library of OpenFOAM 6.0 by implementing a set of real-fluid models such as the Soave-Redlich-Kwong/Peng-Robinson equation of state, Chung's model for dynamic viscosity and thermal conductivity, mixture averaged model for mass diffusivity using Takahashi's correction for binary diffusion coefficients at high pressure. The new library is validated against experimental data and is further assessed for compressible reacting flows by performing two-dimensional numerical simulations of axisymmetric laminar non-premixed counterflow flames and one-dimensional numerical simulations of premixed CH_4/air flames at high pressures. The developed library can be used for any reacting flow solvers in OpenFOAM 6.0 that adopt a set of implemented real-fluid models.



Computational Physics, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Thermophysics