Secondary solid phase mixing in a circulating fluidized bed - part 1: base case

Published: 8 February 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/n99mtzx33n.1
Markku Nikku,


Dataset consisting of transient Eulerian multiphase flow and mixing of a secondary, minor particle phase in a laboratory-scale circulating fluidized bed. Data generation and related parameters are described in Nikku et al. ( The data files are in different folders, depending on the material properties (cases correspond to those mentioned in the article, Table 2.). The case labeling is also described in the description file provided with the full dataset. The ASCII data files have the format of Ansys Fluent interpolate files (.ip) and they are given with 50 ms intervals (labeled in the filename) for the whole riser and the data files contain: x-coordinate, y-coordinate (vertical direction), z-coordinate, pressure, mp-1 (gas phase), mp-2 (bed material), mp-3 (secondary solid phase), x-velocity-1 (gas), y-velocity-1, z-velocity-1, x-velocity-2 (bed material), y-velocity-2, z-velocity-2, x-velocity-3 (secondary solid phase), y-velocity-3, z-velocity-3. This first part of the data set contains the 22 transient base cases as well as 10 case and 22 case averaged versions.


Steps to reproduce

Please refer to Nikku et al. ( for details on data generation and preproduction.


Lappeenrannan Teknillinen Yliopisto


Computational Fluid Dynamics, Mixing, Fluidization, Fluidized Bed


Academy of Finland