Processed Macrophage Quantification Data for 28-day Bijel-Templated Implant Study in Nude Mice

Published: 7 February 2019| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/n9bcksssfj.2
Todd Thorson, Rachel Gurlin, Elliot Botvinick, Ali Mohraz


Immunohistochemistry was performed on subcutaneous tissue sections around Bijel-Templated Material (BTM) and Particle-Templated Material (PTM) implants after 28 days in nude mice. Macrophages labeled with the pan-macrophage F4/80 marker and the "pro-healing" CD206 marker were counted in confocal microscopy images. The percentage of F4/80+, CD206+ macrophages was computed by dividing the total F4/80+, CD206+ macrophages by the total counted macrophages in each implant. Seven fields of view per implant were analyzed. CD206+ cells were plotted by mouse and by implant type showing a greater incidence of 206+ macrophages present in BTM implants.



University of California Irvine


Biomaterials, Macrophage, Implant