’Well-bred and well-fed,’ The Science Service Covers Eugenics: 1924 to 1966

Published: 26 April 2021| Version 6 | DOI: 10.17632/n9tv9hzzhr.6
Susan E. Swanberg


"Well-Bred and Well-Fed" database contains: 1. An Excel file containing citations for Science News-Letter articles referencing eugenics, a table of Science Service founders and supporters who were involved in the American eugenics movement, a table listing E.W. Scripps' unpublished writings referencing eugenics or eugenics-related topics, and a figure showing the ebb and flow of Science News-Letter articles referencing eugenics or eugenics-related topics between 1924 and 1966.


Steps to reproduce

Excel Table: collect citations from Science News-Letter online archives at JSTOR Table 1: Examine Science Service records for names of founders, supporters, trustees, employees of Science Service between 1924 and 1966. Search the backgrounds of these individuals for evidence that they supported the American eugenics movement. Table 2: Examine E.W. Scripps unpublished writings at the Ohio University for references to eugenics or eugenics-related topics. Figure 1. Using the information collected in the Excel table, construct a graph of the frequency of Science News-Letter articles referencing the term "eugenics.


University of Arizona


Science, Journalism