Data for: Climate change adaptation in the Sahel

Published: 9 January 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/nb63wht9vg.1
Terence Epule Epule, Shuaib Lwasa, James D Ford, Laurent Lepage


Articles were acquired through the following search engines: Scientific Citation Index (SCI) database, ISI Web of Science and Google Scholar. These search engines were used because they have been known to provide easy access to the primary literature on climate change adaptation or ‘’…ensure a wide coverage of adaptation actions….’’ (Ford et al. 2014). We used the following search terms: global climate change adaptation, climate change adaptation in Africa, climate change adaptations/coping actions in the Sahel and searches based on the specific country names. In the case of climate change adaptation, a total of 317 possibly relevant publications were selected from the initial search. However, duplicates were deleted after importing the articles into EndNote and a total of 250 papers were retained. A visual inspection of the titles of the remaining articles resulted in removal of more irrelevant papers. The abstracts of the remaining 111 papers were read in relation to the inclusion criteria. From this, 81 papers were retained for full review and during the full review process, 11 papers that were found not to meet the inclusion criteria were deleted. Seventy articles were retained for full analysis.



Adaptation, Climate Change