Mindful parenting inhibits adolescents from being greedy: The mediating role of adolescent core self-evaluations

Published: 14 August 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/nc9rpnjr4k.1
Zhenzhen Liu


Greed is detrimental. Research has suggested that greed is a disposition developed at an early stage of life. Since parenting practices have profound impacts on the development of children, the current study aimed to explore whether mindful parenting could inhibit adolescents from being greedy and the mediating role of adolescent core self-evaluations. Based on self-reported data from adolescents (N = 272) in study 1 and from adolescent-mother (or primary caregiver) dyads (N = 525) in study 2, the current study suggested that mindful parenting has a significant impact on adolescent dispositional greed and that the relationship is mediated by adolescent core self-evaluations. The theoretical and practical implications of the current study results as well as future research directions are discussed.



Beijing Normal University


Personality, Adolescence, Mindfulness