Evolutionary Convergence of Pathway-specific Enzyme Expression Stoichiometry. Lalanne et al.

Published: 11 April 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/ncm3s3pk2t.1
Gene-Wei Li


Raw_data_Northern_blots contains original images of exposed membranes from Northern blot with gene specific probes and 16S loading control probes (sequential hybridizations). The targets for the Northern blots are bacterial operons with complex isoforms (3' extensions from partial termination). The validation figure contains the various evidence that Rend-seq allows for precise 5' and 3' ends mapping as well as mRNA abundance measurements (comparison to curated databases of transcription start sites, comparison to processing sites and 3' ends precisely mapped in the literature, our own experimental validation of some novel 5' ends by 5' RACE, comparison to other recent high-throughput mapping of 3' ends, and comparison to micro-array data for mRNA abundance measurements). Table 1 contains mRNA abundances from Rend-seq for wild-type and mutants in B. subtilis, E. coli, V. natriegens, and C. crescentus. Table 2 contains estimated translation efficiencies (ribosome footprint read density divided by Rend-seq read density) for genes in B. subtilis, V. natriegens, and C. crescentus. Table 3 contains mRNA 5' ends identified in Rend-seq validated by primer extension assays (within 1 nt), as compiled in curated databases (EcoCyc for E. coli, DBTBS for B. subtilis).



Biological Sciences, Biophysics, Systems Biology