Data for: Kinetics of mace (Myristicae arillus) essential oil extraction using microwave assisted hydrodistillation: effect of microwave power

Published: 8 February 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/ncp8y5bhkb.1
Megawati Megawati


This research aims to investigate the effect of HD and MAHD methods on mace essential oil yields, compositions, and extraction kinetic using diffusion-controlled model. In the extraction using MAHD, the effect of power was also investigated. The diffusion process of mace essential oil in solid was approached using Fick’s theory. Therefore, diffusion coefficient (De), which can be used to design industries with good operationals can be obtained. On top of that, the correlation between power and diffusion coefficient was also investigated. The mass balance equation of mace essential oil is assumed that the extracted particles’ shape is circle. In this research, data on essential oil fraction (xdata) will be obtained. This data was obtained after the mace was degraded, so that the essential oil can diffuse out. The time needed for degradation until the essential oil diffused out for the first time was called tdeg. Consequently, in the calculation, the time value (t) must be corrected into tdata - tdeg. The values of tdeg and β were calculated continuously until the desired essential oil fraction (xcal) was obtained. To make it more systematic, trial and error processes were done using a solver tool on Microsoft Excel to get minimum Sum of Square of Errors (SSE). Based on the previous explanation, diffusion coefficient (De) is influenced by temperature, or in other words, by the microwave power used. In this research, the effect of power on diffusion will be correlated with empirical equation. Diffusion-controlled model can describe essential oils extraction mechanism using HD and MAHD methods. The calculation only used the data when the essential oil has not been in the constant volume. The calculation result showed that time of mace degradation (tdeg), so the essential oil can diffuse out in the extraction using HD (22.42 min) was very long compared to using MAHD (2.8–8.24 min). The time of cell wall degradation in essential oil extraction of mace uses MAHD at 300, 600, and 800 W at 8.24, 3.97, and 2.8 min, respectively. These results indicated that microwave degrades oil cell walls faster than conventional heating equipment and the higher the microwave power, the shorter the cell wall degradation time. In addition, the calculation result showed that the diffusion coefficient (De) of mace extraction using HD is less than the one using MAHD. Therefore, that it can be concluded that that mass transfer of mace essential oil extraction using HD is lower than the extraction done using MAHD. In addition, the higher the power used, the higher the diffusion will be. This means that the extraction process will be faster. The correlation equation of De versus P can be expressed by De = 3.02 x 10^(-15) x P^0.5985)



Chromatography, Essential Oil, Modelling, Extraction Curve