BTLA Signaling in Conventional and Regulatory Lymphocytes Coordinately Tempers Humoral Immunity in the Intestinal Mucosa. Stienne et al

Published: 16 December 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/nd8wvwdg24.1


These datasets include analysis of how BTLA regulates transcriptional pathways in lymphocytes, and how this impacts the makeup of the intestinal microbiota in vivo. We hypothesize that anti-BTLA activates discrete transcriptional changes in diverse lymphocyte populations. Bioinformatic analyses here show RNAseq (mouse) and Nanostring (human) data of how anti-BTLA activates inhibitory signaling in mouse and human T cells and B cells. We additionally hypothesize that these transcriptional changes will result in functional changes to T and B cell collaboration in the germinal center reaction, including changes in mucosal IgA production, that impacts the makeup of the microbiome (in mouse). Here we have also analyzed microflora in anti-BTLA and control treated animals, as well as in animals with cell specific deletions in BTLA in T cells or B cells.



Immunity, Gene Transcription, Gut Microbiome