Features of the city of St. Petersburg (Russia) according to youth survey

Published: 30 May 2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/ndb6y3xxc4.2
Anna Sosnovskaya


In the file 'Difference of St.Petersburg' there are answers to the question: What distinguishes St.Petersburg from other cities in the world? They are answers are of 174 respondents, school students in St. Petersburg (Russia) in Russian language. The survey was conducted from December 2017 to May 2018 online using Google forms. The survey had several questions and its data is presented separately. The answers are systematized in 4 variables' table: tradition; innovation; socialization; uniqueness and individual self-expression. All answers were coded within binary oppositions, which are given according to analytical psychology and semiotics. This table is made to catch the trends and ideas in the framework of the choice of representation of the city by students. Classification requires further verification by discussion and focus groups. Primary sorting was carried out by the inductive method of understanding the message's meaning: Does the message talk about resources and data (nature, architecture, climate) or about achievements and opportunities (merit, victory, the role of the city) within the opposition: conservatism versus innovation? Does the message refer to people (hospitality, character, pastime practices) or uniqueness, “genius loci” (atmosphere, culture, art) within the opposition: collectivism versus individualism?



Rossijskaa akademia narodnogo hozajstva i gosudarstvennoj sluzby pri Prezidente Rossijskoj Federacii


Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences, Psycholinguistics, Semiotics