Journal of Studies in Islam and Psychology; No. 32

Published: 28 May 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/ndk2s27pxt.1
Journal of Studies in Islam and Psychology


The main objective of Studies in Islam and Psychology is to provide an intellectual platform for national and international researchers to discuss their most recent findings related to Islamic psychology and counseling. By doing so, the journal hopes to improve the status of the field in Iran and in the world and to find solutions to theoretical and practical problems the profession is faced with. To serve this purpose, researchers are encouraged to submit their unpublished, original, full-length papers for potential publication in the journal. The journal is set to publish original articles on a wide range of issues including; The philosophy of psychology with a critical outlook from the perspective of Islam; The uses of psychology in the service of the Islamic society and its needs; The formation of psychology in the Islamic society; Psychological analysis of Islamic concepts in areas such as: 1. Anthropology, such as: banned, impatience, hasty, captious, pious, faithful; 2. Belief, such as: God, resurrection, Imamate, intercession, Paradise, Hell and ...; 3. Value, such as: repentance, trust, self-esteem, mental relaxation, grief, fear; 4. Practical instructions of Islam, such as: qisas (retaliation), prayers, inheritance, hajj, khums (one fifth); 5: Study of psychological findings from Islamic perspective in terms of critique, confirmation and completion, alternative presentation, presentation of new theory.



Research Institute of Hawzah and University


Psychology, Psychiatry, Islam, Philosophy of Psychology