Smoothed Dissipative Particle Dynamics package for LAMMPS

Published: 7 April 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/nhfp6nsr6n.1
Morteza Jalalvand,
Mohammad Avalin Charsooghi,
Sarah Mohammadinejad


An isothermal implementation of Smoothed Dissipative Particle Dynamics (SDPD) for LAMMPS is presented. SDPD is useful for hydrodynamics simulations at mesoscale where the effect of thermal fluctuations are important, but a molecular dynamics simulation is prohibitively expensive. We have used this package to simulate diffusion of spherical colloids. The results (particularly the long-time behaviour of velocity autocorrelation function) are in agreement with theoretical models that take hydrodynamic interactions into account.



Computational Physics, Hydrodynamics, Dissipative Particle Dynamics