Assignment Markets

Published: 23 March 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/nj7w7g8nft.1
Arthur Dolgopolov


These are the Matlab codes and experimental data to replicate the main results and tables in "Assignment Markets: Theory and Experiments". -Code- There are 5 separate stages to produce the results in the paper. Running them in this order should replicate the main tables in LaTeX format (printed to Matlab output), both for experimental subjects and simulated data points. All files assume that YALMIP* is installed, added to Matlab path (see and that a mixed-integer solver is setup. Currently all files assume gurobi is installed. For CPLEX or other solvers, please edit the sdpsettings lines in the .m files. * Lofberg, J. (2004, September). YALMIP: A toolbox for modeling and optimization in MATLAB. In 2004 IEEE international conference on robotics and automation (IEEE Cat. No. 04CH37508) (pp. 284-289). IEEE. 1. main.m This file processes the experimental data, producing the main tables (Tables 6, 11-13) printing the results and saving them to experimentaldata.mat 2. simulations.m This file runs the main simulations (Tables 3, 11-13), printing the results and saving them to powersimulations.mat 3. simulate_nbs.m Additional simulations for the Nash bargaining solution (Table 4). 4. simulate_pncore.m Additional simulations for the Pairwise Nash core (Table 5). 5. find_psi.m Produces the Predictive Success Indices (Table 14), assuming that powersimulations.mat and experimentaldata.mat were already produced by stages 1 and 2. Remaining matlab files contain function definitions used in the process. -Data- The same experimental data is in matlab format (raw_data.mat) and in csv format (raw_data.csv). Every matched group of six participants is uniquely identified by a code in the total_group column, which consists of session id and group number within session. Rounds from 1 to 15 are identified by subsession__round_number variable. The treatments are "double_auction" (DA), "minimum_price" (MP), "complete_info" (CI), and "telephone_pit" (PT). Treatment information is in the subsession_treatment variable. For bargaining treatments, the offers are recorded in offers_to_player and player_offer variables. For auction treatments, the standing bids and asks (minimum prices for the sellers) at the end of the round are stored in group_asks and group_bids variables. For every buyer, the player_object_traded variable records the index of the good that the buyer had bought. NaN indicates that the buyer bought nothing in that round.



George Mason University


Behavioral Experiment, Experiment in Economics