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Published: 5 January 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/njfg4sbgv2.1
Eric Yan


The literature on martial stability developed by Becker et al. (1977) has become large decades after their seminal work. In Section I of their paper, they propose nine hypotheses and test the nine hypotheses empirically in their Section II. In their conclusion, they admit the importance of a theoretical model in rationalizing and reinvestigating some of their hypotheses. Our study is concerned with the following two hypotheses adduced from their seminal work: 1. Are economic conditions crucial for marital stability? 2. Is marriage more stable when a husband and a wife have more similarities in their cultural/personal traits?


Steps to reproduce

Data citation: ["Minnesota Population Center. Integrated Public Use Microdata Series, International: Version 7.3 [dataset]. Minneapolis, MN: IPUMS, 2020."] The data is obtained by merging four datasets from the IPUMS. The commands for merging the files are as follows: use "D:\datareg\runrunrun\immigration\usa_00001.dta", clear merge n:m serial using "D:\datareg\runrunrun\immigration\usa_00002.dta" drop _merge merge n:m serial using "D:\datareg\runrunrun\immigration\usa_00003.dta" drop _merge merge n:m serial using "D:\datareg\runrunrun\immigration\usa_00004.dta" drop pernum perwt hhwt serial cbserial cluster strata gq _merge save "D:\datareg\runrunrun\immigration\temp\immigandmarr.dta" use "D:\datareg\runrunrun\immigration\temp\immigandmarr.dta", clear drop if (year==2001 | year==2002 | year==2003 | year==2004 | year==2006| year==2007|year==2008|year==2009|year==2011| year==2012| year==2013 | year==2014| year==2016| year==2017 |year==2018) gen sample1pcnt_=sample-1 gen y=mod(sample1pcnt_,10) keep if y==0 gen migrate1_=migrate1 if (migrate1!=0 &migrate1!=9) drop migrate1 gen migrate1=migrate1_ drop migrate1_ gen fertyr_=0 if fertyr==1 replace fertyr_=1 if fertyr==2 drop fertyr gen fertyr=fertyr_ drop fertyr_ forval i=1(1)4{ gen inctot_mig`i'=inctot if (inctot!=9999999 & inctot>0 & migrate1==`i') } forval i=1(1)8{ gen inctot_mar`i'=inctot if (marrno!=9 & inctot!=9999999 & inctot>0) } gen inctot_mar_noless2=inctot if (marrno!=9 & inctot!=9999999 & inctot>0 & marrno>=2) gen marrdurat=year-yrmarr if (marrno==1 & (yrmarr!=0|yrmarr!=.)) gen longmarr=1 if marrdurat>=20 gen count1=1 if year!=. bys year: egen totlongmarr=total(longmarr) bys year: egen totcount1=total(count1) gen longmarrrat=totlongmarr/totcount1 save "D:\datareg\runrunrun\immigration\temp\foruse", replace use "D:\datareg\runrunrun\immigration\temp\foruse", clear drop if year<=1980 drop if inctot==9999999 forval i=1(1)4{ bys year: egen inctot_mig`i'_=mean(inctot_mig`i') } bys year: gen t=_n keep if t==1 keep year inctot_mig1_ inctot_mig2_ inctot_mig3_ inctot_mig4_ gen mprem_mig_2ovr1=inctot_mig2_-inctot_mig1_ gen mprem_mig_3ovr1=inctot_mig3_-inctot_mig1_ gen mprem_mig_4ovr1=inctot_mig4_-inctot_mig1_ save "D:\datareg\runrunrun\immigration\temp\basicfindings", replace use "D:\datareg\runrunrun\immigration\temp\foruse", clear drop if year<=1980 drop if inctot==9999999 save "D:\datareg\runrunrun\immigration\temp\dataafter1980", replace use "D:\datareg\runrunrun\immigration\temp\dataafter1980", clear


National Cheng Kung University


Economics, Marriage, Migration