Data for: Optical properties of Forel-Ule water types deduced from 15 years of global satellite ocean color observations

Published: 26 June 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/njtjbx8fx7.1
Jaime Pitarch


This dataset is made of twelve netCDF files corresponding to the twelve climatological months of marine optical data. Each file contains the following mapped variables: - x coordinate of the CIE1931 color space - y coordinate of the CIE1931 color space - Hue angle - Forel-Ule index Source data for these files are the ESA-OC-CCI v2.0 climatological remote-sensing reflectance of global surface waters (1997-2013), mapped at a resolution of 0.25 degrees latitudinally and longitudinally. These source files can be retrieved at: Files in this dataset have directly copied the latitude and longitude variables of the corresponding source files. Absence of data is coded as not-a-number. File name format is '', where MM stands for the month of the year, in two-digits format.



Optics, Marine Bio-Optics, Ocean, Satellite Mapping