Data from: The performance characteristics of a compression ignition engine fueled with diesel/fusel oil blends

Published: 8 July 2022| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/njymfbgfp2.3


Fuel blends created by mixing waste fusel oil as an additional additive to diesel fuel attract the attention of researchers studying on alternative fuels. This data article supports a study in which the use of diesel-fusel oil blends in different ratios in a compression ignition engine at different engine speeds was investigated thermodynamically (energetic, exergetic, and environmental). For this purpose, performance and exhaust emissions tests were carried out using a compression ignition engine. In addition, in-cylinder pressure measurements and combustion analysis were carried out. The experiments were carried out at 10 different engine speeds (1000 - 3250 rpm). Commercial diesel and five different diesel-fusel oil blends (F5, F10, F20, F30, and F37) were used as fuel in the test engine. Experiments were repeated three times and mean values were used. In addition, the data were verified with uncertainty analysis.



Kirikkale Universitesi, Gazi Universitesi, Mus Alparslan Universitesi


Emissions, Alternative Fuel, Internal Combustion Engine, Diesel Engine