#StopTheCoup 2019.08.27 - 2019.09.21

Published: 21 September 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/nk96wz95pj.1
Aniol Maria


#StopTheCoup started trending in the U.K. as people took to Twitter to express their anger at the suspension of the parliament by Prime Minister Boris Johnson's at 28th September of 2019. #StopTheCoup Trends in U.K. as Boris Johnson is Accused of 'Acting Like a Dictator' by Asking Queen to Suspend Parliament https://www.newsweek.com/brexit-boris-johnson-european-union-1456481 #StopTheCoup: De Hugh Grant a Gary Lineker, reaccions al tancament del Parlament britànic https://www.ccma.cat/324/stopthecoup-de-hugh-grant-a-gary-lineker-reaccions-al-tancament-del-parlament-britanic/noticia/2944030/ BBC News report on the spontaneous #StopTheCoup demonstration - YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nb6zDDEZ6EA Hashtags: #StopTheCoup Dates: 2019.08.27-2019.09.21 Number of Tweets: 1,426,399 tweets Size (Hydrated): 9.82 gigabytes


Steps to reproduce

Download & Install Twarc: https://github.com/DocNow/twarc#install Download and archiving: https://github.com/DocNow/twarc#usage twarc search '#StopTheCoup since:2019-08-27 until:2019-09-21' > StopTheCoup-search-2019.08.27-2019.09.21.jsonl And Hydrate the dataset: https://github.com/DocNow/twarc#hydrate twarc dehydrate StopTheCoup-search-2019.08.27-2019.09.21.jsonl > StopTheCoup-search-2019.08.27-2019.09.21-ids.txt


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