Dataset for How far have we come and where should we go after 30+ years of research on Africa’s emerging equity markets?

Published: 17 March 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/nkb85fgyvp.1
David Adeabah,
, Aviral Kumar Tiwari, Shawkat Hammoudeh


This dataset is used to perform a systematic literature review and a bibliometric network analysis of studies on African financial markets from 1992 to 2021. We began by identifying the appropriate string of keywords. We identified and agreed to use the following keywords string for the search: “African market”, African stock markets”, African equity markets”, “African capital market”, “African financial market”, “African foreign exchange market”, “African exchange market”, “common stocks” and “African”. These keywords were searched in the Title, Abstract or Keywords (TAK) functionality of Scopus and they resulted in 321 hits as of March 10, 2022. We then apply two main quality thresholds, namely, subject area and language restrictions. We restricted the subject area to “Economics and Finance”, while we set the language to “English”. As we are interested in knowing the trajectory of the 30-year literature on African financial markets, we set limit on the “end date” to 2021 as well as “document type” to journal articles. These restrictions resulted in 198 relevant articles for download for the bibliometric analysis.



Financial Economics, Financial Market, Africa, Literature Review