Single-cell profiling of myasthenia gravis identifies a pathogenic T cell signature

Published: 24 March 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/nkcb8nc7w8.1
Florian Ingelfinger


Florian Ingelfinger, Sinduya Krishnarajah, Michael Kramer, Sebastian G. Utz, Edoardo Galli, Mirjam Lutz, Pascale Zwicky, Ayse U. Akarca, Nicole Puertas Jurado, Can Ulutekin, David Bamert, Corinne C. Widmer, Luca Piccoli, Federica Sallusto, Nicolás G. Núñez, Teresa Marafioti, Didier Schneiter, Isabelle Opitz, Antonio Lanzavecchia, Hans H. Jung, Donatella De Feo, Sarah Mundt, Bettina Schreiner* , Burkhard Becher1* *Correspondence to: and


Steps to reproduce

Each dataset contains the combined untransformed raw mass or spectral flow cytometry data for all samples. The data contain a unique cellular identifier (cell_id) and a unique sample identifier (gate_source and/or sample_id). The unique sample identifier links the raw data to the corresponding .csv file, which contains the clinical metadata needed to dissect patient groups. Code for the analysis can be accessed here:


Universitat Zurich, UniversitatsSpital Zurich


Immunology, Neurology, Biomarkers, Flow Cytometry, Thymus, Myasthenia gravis