Research Project: Technological Innovation Adopted by Rural Producers and Sustainable Development in Agribusiness - Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

Published: 21 July 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/nkrdnj4tf3.1
, Celso da Silva,


Abstract: Background: Technological advances in the most diverse areas and the reflection of the 4th industrial revolution in all areas of work and production beyond industry culminated in what is being named Agriculture 4.0. Being a wide range of technologies, both in equipment, machines, software and concepts that change the scenario both downstream and upstream in the ways in which products and inputs are produced and sold in agribusiness. Therefore, it is essential to carry out a survey on how technological innovation impacts production, results and its contribution to sustainable development. Theme: In this sense, the research focused on answering the following question: What technological innovations have rural producers adopted, how does this impact their business and what is the contribution to sustainable development? Given the importance of new technologies in the scenario of agriculture 4.0 and sustainable development, the research is justified. Objective: In this sense, the general objective was to answer: What types of technological innovation have rural producers inserted in their business? Also fixing the hypothesis to be tested: H0: Technological innovations adopted by rural producers contribute to Sustainable Development. / H1: Technological innovations adopted by rural producers do not contribute to Sustainable Development. Methods: The methodology adopted for the development of the research is of a basic nature as an exploratory theoretical essay with a qualitative and quantitative approach through a Systematic Review of the Literature for a survey structured by a formal protocol of the state of the art. Using StArt Software for reading and managing the Study Selection and Extraction process. And, descriptive and analytical in terms of reporting the findings and Meta-analysis of the results using Minitab and Iramuteq software for statistical evaluations and meta-analytical graphing. Expectation of Results: Aiming thus, results with relevant information in the construction of useful knowledge to the scientific development, researchers and to the producers, as for the technological innovation and contribution for the responsible social and environmental development. Keywords: Technological Innovation; New technologies; Agribusiness; Agriculture 4.0; Technological Agribusiness; Sustainable development.



Universidade Estadual Paulista Julio de Mesquita Filho


Project Management, Sustainable Development, Meta-Analysis, Systematic Review, Sustainable Agriculture, Systematic Review with Meta-Analysis, Environmental Impact of Agriculture, Agriculture Industry, Decision Support System in Agriculture, Low-Input Agriculture, Agribusiness, Technological Innovation