Social Entrepreneurship Questionnaire

Published: 1 July 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/nm2gyjn8mc.1
Andrei Plotnikov,


Dataset has answers of 135 responders. I. Demographic questions: 1. What is your age? 2. What is your highest education level? 3. Number of Work experience years? 4. To What Degree, you are interested to start a social entrepreneurship activity? II. The following questions are presented 1 Lack of involvement in Environmental policy making By Social Entrepreneurs 2 Lack of social impact recordings 3 Limiting performance measurements to financial performance 4 Lack of CSR Reporting or social auditing 5 Market Entry Barriers for Social Entrepreneurs 6 Lack of Opportunity Recognition By Social Entrepreneurs 7 Lack of Financial assistance for Social Entrepreneurs 8 Existence of Powerful Competitors 9 Lack of contribution to local environmental capital 10 Lack of Perception of involvement in community 11 Lack of Awareness about community assets 12 Lack of Social Purposes 13 Lack of Awareness about SE in Academic world 14 Lack of Theories in SE Field 15 Difficulties in paying attention to economic and social issues at the same time 16 Lack of Value Creation in current SE activities 17 Lack of Society involvement 18 Lack of Innovative thinking 19 Lack of interest in social Change 20 Lack of Support Networks for Social Entrepreneurs 21 Lack of Knowledge in Social Entrepreneurs 22 Lack of Framing Processes in order to do collective actions 23 Difficulties in Making a good Brand Image 24 Existence of Numerous Actors in Social issues 25 unsuitable Revenue Models 26 Lack of Social objectives 27 Lack of Economic, social and environmental values 28 Lack of Supportive regulations and laws and Tax Policies 29 Lack of Strategic Niche Markets for their activities 30 Lack of Partner Networks 31 Lack of Administrative Structures 32 Lack of local Capacity Building Activities 33 Lack of local movements 34 Local Norms 35 High Risks 36 Lack of Sense of accountability in Social Entrepreneurs 37 Complexity of Management in Social Enterprises 38 Cross Disciplinary nature of SE 39 lack of Social Entrepreneurial behavior 40 Lack of Social Entrepreneurship education 41 Lack of Ability to challenge traditional ways of thinking 42 Lack of Optimism 43 Lack of Empathy in Entrepreneurs 44 Lack of Cultural awareness 45 Lack of ability to Create and sustain social value 46 High Environmental dynamics 47 Lack of Entrepreneurial spirit 48 None-profit to for-profit competition 49 Lack of learning from failure 50 Focus on individual level of analysis



Social Entrepreneurship