Tourism and hospitality academic journals

Published: 19 June 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/nmkcnkvx45.1


This dataset contains records relating to tourism and hospitality academic journals publication characteristics (e.g., journal name, initial year of publication, publisher name, publication status) worldwide collected from each title's website, enabling to rigoursly tally existing scholarly periodicals in the field in terms of current activity, evolution on the creation of titles, ownership, geographical distribution, publishing languages, journal attributes, metrics/ranking scoring and charging practices.


Steps to reproduce

Bob McKercher's latest list of tourism, hospitality, and events journals (personal communication on TRINET, February 2024) served as an initial indicative list ("seed") of titles for the collection of publishing information from each title's website from March 13th through 25th, 2024. This list was further supplemented with information from specific fields' relevant directories (DOAJ; SCImago; OAmg; OOIR) and with titles identified ensuing the aforementioned data collection. Valid titles ought to be scholarly publications primarily focused on tourism or hospitality, explicitly publicizing its editorial board and employing blind peer review practices.


Universidade de Aveiro Unidade de Investigacao em Governanca Competitividade e Politicas Publicas, Universidade de Aveiro Departamento de Economia Gestao Engenharia Industrial e Turismo


Tourism, Hospitality Sector


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