Health Information Survey of Young African Adults

Published: 5 August 2021| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/nmnd5dpxdk.3
Emmanuel Olamijuwon


The health information survey (HIS) collected responses from young adults in African countries (Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa) via Facebook advertisements. The data gathered information about how young adults in these countries would like to use health information on social media platforms. The survey also asked the participants about their demand for health information during and pre-Covid outbreak. As a primer, the survey collected metadata about the quality of responses that the participants provided. This information included participants IP address, their responses to three attention check questions, and the time spent to complete the survey. The attached analysis script serves as a replication file for a research output from the survey. The original research describes the magnitude of careless responding in the sample and how this differs by sociodemographic characteristics.


Steps to reproduce

The analysis can be replicated using any of the two files analysis_script.html or analysis_script.rmd The analysis script [analysis_script.html] can be viewed on any internet browser. Alternatively, you can also open the markdown file [analysis_script.rmd] in R to replicate the analysis. Please download the markdown file and any of the supporting data [HISurvey_Africa.csv or HISurvey_Africa.rds]. The files should be saved in the same folder and point to the appropriate directory in the markdown file. You can then run the script chunk by chunk. The entire analytic process is split into 14 code chunks comprising preparing the R environment, theme customization, data wrangling, descriptive statistics, data visualization, regression models, and output formatting. If you experience any difficulty running any lines of the code chunk, please get in touch.


University of the Witwatersrand


Public Health, Young People, Young Adult, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Adolescent Sexuality, Social Sciences