Fertility evolution in the inter-row topsoil of two Valencian citrus orchards under bare-kept and straw-mulched treatments throughout 2019-2021 – A dataset

Published: 1 February 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/nmpz7g752t.1
Fernando Visconti,


Dataset about measurements on thirteen properties that help characterize the physical, chemical and biological fertility in the top layer of inter-row soils in Valencian (Eastern Spain) citrus orchards subjected to two treatments: bare-kept and straw-mulched, during 2019-2021. The properties are: i) daily average temperature (Tm), daily maximum temperature (Tx) and daily minimum temperature (Tn) at 5-10 cm depth measured with the 5TM (METER Group, Inc., Pullman, Washington, USA) sensor in ºC, ii) daily rainfall measured with a raingauge in mm, iii) daily average water content (θm), daily maximum water content (θx) and daily minimum water content (θn) at 5-10 cm depth measured with the same 5TM sensor in m m-1, iv) surface saturated hydraulic conductivity (Ks) measured with a single ring infiltrometer in mm h-1, v) bulk density at 0-5 cm depth (BD) measured with a volumetric sampler in g cm-3, vi) mass fraction of roots at 0-5 cm depth (wroots) measured with a volumetric sampler in mg g-1, vii) dehydrogenase activity at 0-20 cm depth (DHA) in nmol g-1 h-1, viii) β-D-glucosidase activity at 0-20 cm depth (GLA) in μmol g-1 h-1, ix) surface emission of CO2 carbon (EC) in kg ha-1 h-1, x) organic carbon on a dry-weight basis (SOC) in percentage, xi) Kjeldahl nitrogen on a dry-weight basis (N) in percentage, xii) exchangeable potassium (K) in /meq (100 g)-1 and xiii) available phosphorus according to the Olsen’s extraction in mg kg-1. The data are arranged into thirteen tables, one per datum. In every table information about Site, which can be Paiporta or Sueca, Treatment, which can be Bare or Mulching, subplot and repetition (Sub-Rep) and sampling or measurement Date is provided alongside the property value. The data obtaining is reported in Visconti et al. (2023). The data can be used to understand the effects two contrasting inter-row soil managements, namely, bare and straw mulching have on fertility attributes under the conditions of these two contrasting, though representative, Valencia coastal plain citrus orchards. Additionally these data can be used to simulate along time the organic carbon stock evolution under these two treatments. Reference: Visconti, F., Peiró, E., Pesce, S., Balugani, E., Baixauli, C., de Paz, J.M. 2023. Straw mulching increases fertility and organic carbon in the inter-row topsoil of Mediterranean citrus orchards. Biology and Fertility of Soils (under review).



Instituto Valenciano de Investigaciones Agrarias, Centro de Investigaciones sobre Desertificacion


Soil, Nitrogen, Potassium, Phosphorus, Agricultural Soil, Soil Biology, Soil Fertility, Soil Respiration, Soil Enzyme Activity, Soil Infiltrability, Bulk Density of Soil, Soil Temperature, Root, Citrus Fruits, Soil Water Content, Soil Organic Carbon


European Rural Development Fund


European Rural Development Fund