Data of grain (maize and soybean) weight in the shake basket

Published: 01-02-2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/nnb24g7w39.1


This dataset measures the weight of the grains (maize and soybean) on a shaking basket mechanism. There are two types of weighing baskets, i.e., type 1 and type 2. A sensor that can measure weight is used in this experiment. An IoT-based microcontroller controls the sensor to be sent directly to a private data server cloud via the internet network. The data that has been collected during the experiment can then be downloaded using a personal computer connected to the internet network. This dataset is an integral part of the publication of a research paper by Sitorus et al. (2020).


Steps to reproduce

The dataset is collected from a device constructed so that the grains' weight in a basket can be measured. The appliance architecture enables the occurrence of shocks such that within many degrees of oscillation, it can be varied. This experiment used two kinds of baskets for two types of grains. A weighing scale was used to measure the initial weight of the grains (0.01 g). For calculating the weight of the experimental apparatus, a load-cell sensor is used. The measured data from the load cell is then sent by a microcontroller equipped with ESP8266 through an internet network to the cloud data server.